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Coolest Spring Breakers Costume for a Woman

This costume is based off the movie “Spring Breakers.”  The hipster movie features four friends who embark on a wild spring break trip.

My Spring Breaker costume was inspired by one of the most memorable scenes in the movie, the final shooting. That scene really struck me! I knew I wanted to recreate the outfits for a Halloween costume, but found absolutely nothing like it out there on the internet! So, I started shopping for the individual pieces of the costume and figured I could put it all together.

To create this costume…

  • I bought a tiger bathing suit (which I ordered online). There is a few different ones online that will work, but the most important thing is the tiger!
  • I could not find a pink ski mask online anywhere, so I ended up buying a large pink beanie.  I pulled this down over my face and cut out the eye and mouth holes.
  • I ordered the unicorn patch online and pinned it to the top of the hat.
  • I accessorized with a water gun (optional to fill it with vodka!)

Coolest Spring Breakers Costume for a Woman

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