Cool Cardboard Box Spongebob Halloween Costume

My son decided he wanted to be Spongebob for Halloween. I suggested to him that I make the costume and his head could be the Krusty Krab hat. Oh no, he wanted to “be” Spongebob.

I racked my brain thinking of different ways to make it and here is what I came up with. I used a cardboard box, I attached straps on the inside, like reverse suspenders. I used foam sheets for the body and features and red mesh for the mouth so he could see. I used bias tape to finish all of the edges.

It turned out great and I received tons of compliments, my son was embarrassed beyond belief when people kept stopping us, but of course I was very proud of it.

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3 thoughts on “Cool Cardboard Box Spongebob Halloween Costume”

  1. I love this costume so much !! My son wants to go out as Spongebob this year and I am wondering if I can use your pattern? Could you please send me the instructions on how you made it and what types of material you used and the whole down low ?? thanks

  2. Ditto that. My husband is going to a party and wants to be sponge bob. Luckily, the party is after Halloween. Can you post any more details??? Please???

  3. Too Cute….yes my son wants to be spongebob too! Thanks for all the great ideas! Those store baught cosutmes are too expensive for what they are….


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