Coolest Spongebob Gang Costumes

Every year my children want to be something great for Halloween, however I have 4 kids so buying 4 costumes is not in my budget. I decided I would start making their costumes, they pick what group they go as and then I make all 4 costumes, we always go as a group. Last year they went as Spongebob and his friends. I got all the stuff out of a bag of clothes I was taking to the good will only thing I bought was the foam I used to make Spongebob square.

For Spongebob I used a old yellow shirt, and brown pants that no one could wear anymore made them in to square shorts, a old white button up that had spots on it I cut that part off didnt need it. Red fabric for the tie. He already had the socks and shoes. I free handed the face.

For Mr Crabs, I made a red suit. I stuffed it to make it look fat, she was nice and warm. I sewed dark blue sweatpants and made a blue shirt to it I had her put flip flops on and then covered them with red knee socks. For her head I used a head band to keep it on her head to help the eyes stay up.

Patric Star was easy. I just sewed a suit together and added some shorts that I made. The hat has cone foam in the top I used the mouth for her to look out.

Squidword was fun to make. I just made the suit just like I did Partic, but I added legs with Velcro to each side. I put a brown shirt over top her suit then I made her a mask she can see through the eyes. Squidword won best costume during our Halloween on the square last year.

We had lots of fun and people just loved the costumes. This year they are going as Toy story, cant wait to post them here. Good luck with all your fun costumes, have a safe and fun trick or treat!

Coolest Homemade Costume Contest 2023

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