I had to make my son Zeppelin’s favorite cartoon hero “Spongebob”. Its always that much more fun to know you created the Halloween costume of the year. This site gave me all my ideas, Thank you.
I paid nothing ,0,zip for this Homemade SpongeBob Costume. I had all the materials around the house.

1. Square or rectangle box
2. yellow t-shirt from one of older siblings.
3. Cut eyeballs out from cookie monster baby towel
4. Teeth cut out old white t-shirt
5. Nose came from sponge bob toy arm.
6. Mouth was black t-shirt & pink tongue was an old triangle bathing suit top
7. Tie came from hubby who didn’t noticed it missing yet
8. Socks from sister’s drawer
9. Markers, needle & thread, scissors to cut box
10. Print outs of Spongebob from internet