My husband Jim created this ‘Shadow the Hedgehog’ costume after my son Jacob won a small Shadow stuffed animal at our local fair in August. He created it using a bike helmet, a face shield, lots of foam, paint, and a black sweatsuit.

My husband and son both love Halloween and the plan was to get this ready for our trip to Hershey Park for the Halloween festivities throughout the month of October. I joked to my husband that I didn’t think the costume was practical and I was so right!

The first place he wore it was at a small Halloween costume contest at the hotel we were staying at. The judges were really impressed, in fact one of them asked my husband if he did costumes for Comic-Con. In spite of a few technical difficulties, including not being able to wear the shoes (they didn’t hold together) he won for best costume!

Later that evening we went to Hershey Park for their Halloween festivities, including trick-or-treating through the park. I am glad that we bought two day park passes because again, not the most practical costume to wear to a park and we couldn’t do much that first night. My son got lots of great comments but he had a hard time seeing  because the helmet, with the weight of the foam, kept sliding backwards, so either my husband or I had to be leading him around at all times. Needless to say once the trick-or-treating was done I got stuck carrying around the helmet so that my son and husband could go on the rides.

After we got home from our trip my husband had about two weeks to make the necessary adjustments to the costume. He was able to adjust the helmet so that it fit better and didn’t slide forward (allowing my son to actually see) and he was also able to fix the shoes. He went trick-or-treating on Halloween night and a lot of people were commenting. One little boy came up to him and touched the rings on his arms, and a little girl around the age of two thought he was Mickey Mouse. lol!

All in all it was a great experience. I did ask my husband why he put so much time into a costume when he could have chosen to make something much simpler. His answer was that it wasn’t just about the costume. It was about making memories!