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Coolest Sock Monkey Cat Costume

This is my kitty Nimrod dressed up in a sock monkey cat costume. I will say she is quite the good sport when it comes to getting dressed up, albeit a bit annoyed at the idea of having her tail inside the costume tail.

I made this costume by hand (no sewing machine). I only hand sewed my costume. This costume consists of 4 pieces:
the body, the head, the tail and the legs.

I bought remnants from JoAnn Fabrics. The body was made from a soft tweed like material, basic white and  red non-fraying fabric, one sheet black felt, one red ribbon (about 12 inches), five button snaps (four-head and one-tail), elastic, glue gun, fiber fill and a sewing needle and thread. Sizing your pet up is fun. Pinning is another story.

I made four leg coverings and then sewed elastic to each, criss-crossing them front to back like a big x (like on suspenders).

On the head I made room in the inside for her ears to be comfortable and filled the rest with fiber fill, I sewed four snaps around the head so it would stay on.

Believe it or not she could walk around in this costume. I put a trim on the photo to make it more festive for Halloween, I hope you enjoy our little Sock Monkey.

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