Coolest SNL – Mary Kathern Gallagher and Coffee Talk Lady Couple Costume

My boss and I dressed up as Saturday Night Live characters for Halloween one year. I was Mary Kathern Gallagher and he was the Coffee Talk lady.

My costume was the easy part (went to Goodwill and got a short plaid skirt, white knee socks, blue sweater vest and white collared shirt). I also managed to find some cat glasses and a red headband.  But the part you need to really make the costume “real” are the actions. Yes, I would put my hands under my armpits and then sniff them – just like Mary Kathern Gallagher! I won first place at the company Halloween Party.

My boss also went to Goodwill and he found some tacky clothes, a coffee mug and sunglasses. He got a wig at the Halloween store and printed off a photo of Barbra Streisand (the Coffee Talk lady’s favorite singer).

Simple costumes that involve acting out the characters. It was fun and only cost a few bucks!