Meet the Coolest Smurfs Group Costume

Meet the Smurfs, from left to right, Papa Smurf, Smurfette, Sassette Smurfling, Brainy Smurf. We love to make our own costumes, so we were able to make these costumes for under $25 a piece. It was very simple actually. After we chose which Smurf we wanted to be from the list of 100+ Smurf names, we starting piecing together our attire.

We found long sleeve blue shirts for all 4 of us. Then for the guys, we found colored sweatpants. To match the sweatpants, we found slippers so there were no breaks in the color patterns. For the girls, we used a pink snow suit for Sassette, and a white dress we found for Smurfette. We also wore blue gloves and painted our faces blue. The hardest part was the hats. We had some trouble making these so they would stay on. We took felt, and putting stuffing in them to shape them into form. We then sewed elastic around the bottoms so they would hold into place and stay on our heads.

Overall, I think it was a great group costume that people all appreciated the detail we put in.