Cool Smurfs Costume

I try to get my three kids to dress in similar costumes for Halloween. Then we recycle the pictures I take and use them as our Christmas cards. This is one of my favorites. Have a “smurfin” Christmas!

I bought regular white t-shirts for the girls and sewed lace around the bottom edges. Then I tied up the sleeves with white ribbon. I dyed white long sleeves shirts, gloves and tights with blue RIT dye for the “skin” of the arms and legs. I also purchased white slippers and white caps at Wal-Mart to finish off the look.

My son refused to be anything other than “Soccer Smurf” so he wore his football pants, soccer jersey and shoes.

Painting faces of three kids with face paint was quite a task, but finished the look perfectly.
We went to two Halloween parties, and were the hit of both!

Coolest Homemade Costume Contest 2023

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