Pretty Homemade Smurfette Costume

The Halloween party was on Saturday and my original plan was to dress up as the Grinch. Plan B was to go as a Soul Train dancer from the 70’s. Well, I had a costume meltdown on the Grinch, so FRIDAY night, I decided on this Smurfette costume (Plan C)! It all came together on Saturday and only cost me $25!

Yes, that is paint on the top portion of my body and it took me over 2 hours to sponge paint it on! It took a long time to dry (2-3 coats), so it’s important to set the paint with sealer and light powder.

I found the dress at Goodwill, the tights and wig from Walmart, and made the Smurf hat from fleece material. I stuffed and shaped the hat with tissue paper. The shoes I had in my closet to give to charity.

All of the effort paid off because I won Most Original Costume!

Happy Smurfing!

Smurfette Costume

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