Halloween has been always been my favorite holiday!

This is me a year before the movie “the Smurfs” came out. I wanted to do something original so I thought to myself, why not paint your entire body blue and become a Smurf for a day. This was a very last minute idea, and all I needed was blue paint a white dress (which I had already) a white hat and a wig. Pretty simple stuff.

After I gathered everything up I asked my roommate to help me out with the paint. It only took about 20 minutes to paint. I think she did a fantastic job! When I looked in to the mirror I was so excited to go to work with my awesome costume. It was awesome because people wanted to take pictures with the cool Smurfette all day.

Anyway, I think people shouldn’t be afraid of trying new things like these. I mean its Halloween, a time to be a kid again and enjoy ourselves pretending to be a princess, superhero or in this case a blue creature.

I hope you liked my costume as much as I did and come out with cool ideas for this years Halloween.