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Coolest Smarty Pants Halloween Costume

Almost every year I make my own costume. I was at my youth group with no clue as to what I was going to be. Someone asked me a question and, of coarse, I knew the answer. But I gave her a little more information than she wanted and she said, “You can be such a smarty pants…” and well I thought that would be a cool, yet funny, costume.

How I made it was really simple. I taped “Smarties” candies to my pants. For added effect; I did some really elaborate make-up, a cheap necklace, some present ribbon, and I color-sprayed my hair. This was a really fun costume!

Extra Tips: Wrap the tape ALL the way around the smarties candy. So when the twisted part of the candy is facing you the tape resembles a horse-shoe. If you tape them loosely the candies will fall off easier.

Total cost: $5.00

P.S. You may have to spend more depending on the cost of candy and hair spray in your area.


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3 thoughts on “Coolest Smarty Pants Halloween Costume”

  1. Those arent smarties though? WhenI look up pics for this costume (becasue Im thinking of making it) ppl are using these candies. why? are they called smarties too?

  2. aren’t those rockets?
    do the chocolate M&M like candies not exist in the US that are actually called SMARTIES? … when you eat them you eat the red ones last????

  3. The candies pictured are indeed US Smarties. My husband is from the UK, and I’m familiar with the other version, but we don’t have those here. They would be perfect for this costume! Still, everyone here knows these as Smarties, so they are just fine. I’m making this one to wear to school. I’m a 3rd grade teacher! Happy Halloween!!


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