Coolest Skunk Lost Boy Costume from Peter Pan

Materials needed:
Black hoodie
Black pants
Black shoes
Wire hanger
Black fabric
White felt
Black felt
Black belt

For Halloween 2011, we did a Peter Pan theme. Our 3-year-old wanted to be the Skunk Lost Boy. It was so great! He wore a black hoodie, black pants and black shoes we already had.

To make the “hair”, I took 2 pieces of black felt and cut a spiky hair shape. Leaving the bottom open (for him to wear), I glued the edges of the 2 pieces together at the top and stuffed them with batting to poof it out. Not wanting to ruin his hoodie, I simply safety pinned the hair on his hoodie.

To make the tail, we used a simple wire hanger and bent it into an S shape. Then I cut out a football-shaped design out of black cotton fabric and sewed the edges together, leaving one end open. I then put the hanger into the black fabric and stuffed it with more batting to make it puffy. I sewed black fabric around the end of the hanger and looped the hanger onto a black belt. I then took two long pieces of white felt and glued them on top to make the stripes on his tail.

We handed him a slingshot (since that’s what the Lost Boys use) and he looked perfect. He loved the costume and, as the night grew colder, he was VERY comfortable.

TOTAL TIME: 1 hour

Coolest Peter Pan Lost Boy Costume - Skunk