Coolest Simpsons Patty and Selma Couple Costume

My twin sister Lora and I dressed up as patty and Selma from the Simpsons. We had never seen patty and Selma costumes before, so we thought we would try it. We bought the wigs, but cut and painted them ourselves. The dresses we made by a neighbor and the accessories were bought and painted by us.

The bodysuits were bought from and were exactly what we were looking for, and the body paint was from a local costume shop. We were told not to use spray paint on a synthetic wig, but we did and it turn out very well, so give it a try next time (we were warned that the wig would melt).

The eyes were the hardest part to do, we used sunglasses with the lenses popped out and pushed in a lightweight baseball that had been cut in half and used paper mache to fill in the extra space on the sides.

…and because we always get asked, Patty is in the pink dress, Selma is in the blue.

coolest Simpsons Selma costume

coolest Simpsons Patty costume

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