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Cool Shrek and Fiona Couple Costume

I thought long and hard about what to be for Halloween. A Shrek and Fiona Couple Costume was perfect for my husband and I for we are shaped a lot like the characters. LOL I bought a green dress for myself and added rhinestones and a gold chain belt. I bought a long sleeve cream colored shirt and flannel plaid pants. For the vest I bought a brown sweater and cut it short and open. I then hot glued small squares of leather to it to give it texture.

The ears I made from craft foam and a head band. I couldn’t get my husband to shave his head but we still made quite a hit!! We painted ourselves green and I sprayed my hair red. My 2 boys (toddlers) were watching Shrek when we were getting ready and thought it was so funny we were dressed like them. When we went to the Halloween party and it was judgment time, the whole place was chanting SHREK SHREK SHREK!!! We won 1st place!! It was so great.

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