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Coolest Shrek And The Gang Costume

The whole family decided to get in on this Shrek and the gang costume!

We had Shrek: Sleeping pants and shirt from the thrift store, cut and old brown vest short and put brown socks over some slippers for the boot effect.

Fiona: Cut and old red Renaissance gown and trimmed in gold with hot glue, did purchase her hair though.

Fairy God Mother: turned an old gown into the fairy god mothers, glasses from the dollar store and made a wand. Added an old gray curly wig.

Donkey: Grey sweats and some white felt, we did purchase the donkey nose and altered it to be Shrek like.

Puss in boots: Brown Sweats some felt black boots from the closet and some make up.

Gingy: Brown unitard and added a hood hot glued on some gingerbread decorations.

This costume is a lot of fun and very easy and inexpensive, check your closets and friends closets and I bet you will find most of the materials within hands reach! Scissors and Hot glue gun work wonders!!

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