After five years of being a pirate for Halloween, I decided to do something different and more creative. I had the scuba gear, rash guard, board shorts, and leggings, and was originally going to just be a scuba diver but that isn’t very creative so I decided to add a shark to my costume due to my love for shark week.

I searched far and wide for a shark to attach to myself to no avail so I made one out of cardboard, spray paint, a sharpie pen, and double sided tape. I also picked up a mask and fins on clearance at the Dollar General. I cut the fins and taped them on some sandals because in their original state, they were impossible to walk in. I used paper party streamers for the blood coming from the shark’s mouth.

This Shark Attack Victim DIY Halloween Costume Idea went over very well and was easy to maneuver in as long as I wasn’t in a tight space. The costume was a hit and I can’t wait to make a new creative costume next year! If you want to replicate this costume, just get some cardboard, paint, and borrow some scuba, snorkel, or surfing gear and voila.