Coolest Shark Attack Costume

Always been a fan of the movie Jaws and decided to make it come to life with some foam, spray paint and other supplies from around the house, I was able to make a pretty awesome Shark Attack Costume! This was easy to transport, easy to wear and definitely a hit at the party.

I think that “Do-It-Yourself” costumes are always the most creative. Growing up we made our costumes, or my mom would because we didn’t have a lot of money. Making my own costume now is fun and much cheaper than buying one & usually a lot cooler than one that you could get at a store.

Most of the costumes that I see now are funny or cool but people don’t want to take the time to come up with something on their own. I’m all about the creative process and checking out what others have come up with.

This is a cool site with a bunch of great ideas. I’m just entering for my girl Carolina in VA… she saw a picture and sent me the link! Here goes nothing!! Good luck everyone and Happy Halloween.

Coolest Shark Attack Costume 6