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Awesome Homemade Sexy Peacock Costume

I decided to make my own peacock costume after searching through all the ones for women on the internet that look identical. I ordered tons of genuine peacock feathers online, and started my costume.

I sewed a bodice to which I hot glued the feathers to. Then I utilized the long feathers for the back “tail”. They were all attached to a piece of material which I attached to my waist. I finished the costume off with a blue streak in my hair, father earrings, feathers which I glued to my head,fake eyelashes, blue makeup, blue nails, and blue thigh highs. Hope you like it!

Sexy Peacock Costume

16 thoughts on “Awesome Homemade Sexy Peacock Costume”

  1. I have been searching FOREVER to find a peacock costume. I absolutely LOVE it. This is exactly what I’ve been looking for. Could I possibly buy it from you?

  2. I was going to go as a peacock to my 14th b-day party as it was a masquerade. Unfortunately I couldn’t find one that looked nice enough to make so the b-day girl (me) dressed as an angel instead. Next year my friends is having a masquerade party, inspired by mine, and I can now go dressed as a peacock.

    I missed one but WILL get to fulfill my dream of dressing as a peacock, but as it is a 16th BALL I will have to lengthen the skirt.


  3. Hey could you elaborate on how you made the tail of feathers, maybe post a picture from the back? How did you attach them and keep them upright?

  4. You’re costume kicks so much ass! of all the peacock costumes yours is my FAVE!!!! Can you please tell me where you found that skirt????? It would be so greatly appreciated!!!

  5. I would have gone for a darker blue with a more interesting texture, and I probably would have put blue glitter on my arms and legs.


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