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Coolest Seth from SuperBad Costume

This Seth from SuperBad costume took literally one day to make. I ordered the wig. The shirt was a pajama top found at a clothing store, then I used a white paint pen to add the designs.

The pants were bought at same clothing store and red paint pen was used on the leg for the “dancing stain.” The laundry container is actually a five gallon gas container (brand new of course) and I tried to mimic the exact logo on it with my computer and printed it out.

I am disappointed I didn’t use a pillow to make me look heavier, but lesson learned.

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  1. I did the same thing…grabbed a navy pajama shirt and blue-ish dress pants at a local 2nd hand clothing store.
    Painted a few lines on the shirt and red paint spot on the pants. Grab a wig and a orange Tide bottle and you are pretty much all set.


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