Coolest Sesame Street Costumes

The costumes you see here were NOT brought to you by Sesame Street. I, being a big beautiful woman, decided on a Big Bird costume. My husband was supposed to be Oscar, but then tried on my son’s Elmo costume and I died laughing, so we went with that idea, adding onto his costume in a number of ways.

My costume was entirely hand made using a bustier – all the feather boas and the bustier were hand dyed and dried. The boas were individually hand sewn onto the bustier and onto a knit toque (a Canadian winter hat), with orange fishnets and yellow and orange birkenstocks my “look” was complete.

My husband has squeezed into our 5 year olds’ Elmo costume – has orange face paint and “tickle me” written on his tummy, an Elmo doll stuffed in his orange shorts and Elmo shoe covers made from our little boy’s outgrown slippers.

Coolest Homemade Costume Contest 2023

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