Coolest Scarecrow Costume

This year my daughter decided she wanted to be a scarecrow? It sounded simple enough, right?
First I searched my house for items I could use. For what I didn’t have, I bought from a thrift store.

Following are some items you will need for a scarecrow costume:
Straw hat
Old jeans
Plaid/flannel shirt
Straw or raffia
A crow (details of how I made mine are below)

Cut off the jeans and shirt and cut fringes in them. From the inside out attach the straw or raffia to the pants and shirt with a glue gun. On the shirt add the straw to the sleeves and the bottom of the shirt.

Cut patches out and affix to the pants with fabric glue. To the straw hat, affix patches with a glue gun. Affix straw or yarn to the inside of the hat with glue gun (I used yarn).

I made a crow out of foam paper and assembled with a glue gun. For support, I reinforced with a Popsicle stick on the back and affixed to the shirt with fabric glue. Use the rope for a vest and, Voila!

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