Cool Scarecrow Costume

I am a frugal mother who was not paying big bucks for a “wear it once” costume for my 10 month old son. I decided to do a scarecrow costume because I knew I could do it in such a way that he was (1) warm and (2) comfortable and (3) could be strapped into his car seat with no big hassle.

I went to the thrift store and for less than $1.00 got two sweatshirts, a pair of old jeans and a straw hat. I cut the first sweatshirt with a fringe at the bottom and wrists and used the second as patches which I sewed on (and I am NOT a sewer). I used raffia as a belt and at the wrists for effect. Put on the hat and there ya go. Simple, easy and cheap! And very, very cute!

Scarecrow Costume

Scarecrow Costume

Scarecrow Costume

4 thoughts on “Cool Scarecrow Costume”

  1. I love your creativeness! I’m taking your ideas and making my 11 month old a scarecrow for this Halloween. I agree, it’s comfortable and warm for a little one.

  2. Wow, what a small world. I’m looking for scarecrow ideas and I came across your picture. I’m from Middleburg, Pa!!! I love your scarecrow ideas!!

  3. I have ten month old that I am taking as a scarecrow this helped me so much and you baby is so adorable. Thanks for posting so I can have an idea.

  4. This idea is too cute! This is the first site that came up when I did a search for “homemade scarecrow costume” and it’s perfect. Thank you for sharing this.

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