Awesome Homemade Scarecrow Costume

I just used a sweat suit (it’s warm). Felt for the patches and markers to draw the stitches. I cut the cuffs off of the shirt and leave the cuffs on the pants (again for warmth). At the wrists and ankles I tied raffia (around the fabric it’s itchy).

The hat is a basket for potted plants. You can get them at the florist. I just frayed the edges and pinned up the front. I used a flower but I think a big button would be cute too. I cut the bottom off the shirt too so it hangs. At the waist I tied a frayed rope. It’s cold here in Wyoming at Halloween so I always try to
make the costumes big enough to wear a coat under.

This one works great for that. No sewing needed with this one at all just a glue gun works great.