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I’ve always found the movie, Nightmare Before Christmas to be a Fascination! I’m not sure what it is about it, but it’s mesmerizing. So, I decided this year to create my own Sally Stitches Costume. I’ve tried to make it as close to authentic as possible.

It’s a LOT of work, but the end result is so worth it!

I’ve made this costume from scratch all the way from the dress to the final touches.

First I started out with a basic dress shaped pattern. Then, it’s a matter of cutting the pattern out in the correct size for the child.

From there, I have to lay out the dress and use my memory, or pictures from the movie, to cut out the pieces of Sally’s dress. This is labor intensive, but worth it.

I took the pieces of cloth in pink, yellow, blue, and black and created the Sally dress design, fitting them together just perfectly to re-create the beauty of the movie dress.

I also cut one sleeve in yellow and one in blue. The blue one is shorter.

After they are all cut and pieced, much like a quilt, I am a quilter too. I have to sew on the machine all of the pieces together. Being very careful to follow all of the uneven lines.

From there, I have to sew the dress together like any other dress that I’d make. After that, It’s a matter of laying out all of the pieces and taking my black fabric paint and getting to work. I have to make all of the designs that are seen in the original movie dress. This includes squiggles, dots, stripes, checks, and more! It’s a long process, but I love how it turns out and hope you do too!

The dress then has to dry overnight. After that, I assemble the sleeves and then more painting of the final stitches that connect anything that was left out during the first painting process.

Then the final side seams are put in place.

Once this is done, it’s time to cut and cut! I carefully cut the dress, sleeves, neckline, and hem to match that movie stills that I have. It’s uneven and random, so you can’t really mess it up too much. You have to be careful about cutting into seams, so take your time.

Each piece I make turns out a little different. No pattern is used except the one in my head. Each of these dresses take about 7 hours of work from start to finish.

Here’s a picture of the end result. Hope you like it! I made it in two color versions, the brights and the muted. I like the muted best! Add a red yarn wig and some body stitches and you are all set for trick-or-treating!

Happy Halloween!

Coolest Sally Stitches Costume - Muted colors

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Coolest Sally Stitches Costume - Adult dress

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