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Coolest Rock, Paper and Scissors Group Costume

Rock paper scissors? Which will you choose!?

Rock Costume:

This one was the toughest, we found this grayish black fabric at the local textile store. Then we constructed the shape of the rock out of wire and pipe cleaners. Cardboard was glued on the inside to help hold it up and give it a little more strength (fabric was a little heavy). Then stuffed tissue paper around the pipe cleaners to give it volume.

After that we wrapped the fabric around it and glued both the top and bottom of the fabric onto the cardboard on the inside. (lots of glue). To make the straps we used sparkly ribbon found at Michaels, gorilla glue and safety pins. They did not budge even with people running into her all night long. Overall cost: about $25.

Paper Costume:

For paper we took two pieces of white foam board, and drew the blue and red lines on them using sharpies and a long ruler (definitely need the ruler!). Then attached the straps by gluing the glitter ribbon onto the foam board with Gorilla Glue (strongest hold) and placing clear tape over the glued part so none of the excess glue runs out the edges. Overall cost: $10

Scissors Costume:

Cut the shape out of cardboard box, we then wrapped the handle part with red duck tape. Then using a hot glue gun we glued silver wrapping paper onto the blades. She used suspenders to keep them on all night. Overall cost $15

The headpieces were the most tedious things to construct. We took sparkly thick scrapbook paper and cut out each word, one backwards so that the front was the same as the back just flipped. Then glued them onto Happy New years crowns (Party America $1.50). and cut out whatever happy new year part could be seen.

They held together really well even with a lot of moving around and dancing! Score!

Coolest Rock, Paper and Scissors Group Costume

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