This is my son Joe. He has Autism and lives in his own little world. Joe doesn’t care what’s trendy or what any other children wanted to be for Halloween. He does his own thing, and this year, he wanted a robot Halloween costume.

I’d like to thank everyone for sharing. I borrowed ideas from many of the people on this site to make my son’s costume, and it was a hit. He told everyone that mom made his costume, and you could not imagine how happy that made me.

The body is a storage bin, spray painted metallic silver. I used a sharp utility knife to cut the holes for arms, neck, and headlights. The headlights are individual LCD lights I bought @ Target in the auto department. The reflectors are self adhesive car reflectors. The buttons are spray painted, hot glued water bottle caps. Gauges are clipart pictures printed on photo paper and CDs, adhered with hot glue.

The helmet is a small storage container with the lid hot glued to the bottom and spray painted silver. I cut the opening for his face with the utility knife. I drilled a small hole into either side of the helmet and attached silver elastic so it would stay on under his chin. I drilled small holes around each arm and attached the dryer venting with fishing line. This allowed him to move his arms more freely. The top of each armhole is a cut piece of dryer venting, widened to make it look like a sleeve, and adhered with hot glue. I attached foam batting on the inside where the bin rested on his shoulders for comfort. The leg coverings are a metallic sun visor, cut in half and wrapped around each leg, secured with a Velcro strip. His shoes are rubberized water clogs, spray painted metallic silver.

The self adhesive, reflective letters and numbers (which are numbers he picked, because he is fascinated with numbers… don’t ask… it’s an Autistic thing) on the back of his costume are from Home Depot. His gloves are child’s vinyl gloves, spray painted silver. It took about 3 cans of spray paint for the entire costume.

Robot Prime Costume