I always wanted a robot costume, but never had a good enough reason to make one. So when I got invited to a Hero & villains Halloween/birthday bash (he was born on the first of Nov!) a robot was the first thing on my mind.

It is made out of a hell of a lot of gold backed card, so there was no need to paint it. It’s mainly held together with split pins but some duct tape is used on areas that need reinforcing. The crotch is elasticized so I can sit down comfortably and on the chest is a red flashing bike light and a pair of iPod speakers for banging out robot tunes!

I didn’t decide on it being a hero or a villain till I started making the head. The design I settled on lent itself obviously to the villain because of its downward pointing mouth, single eye and daunting wide set head. I myself am 6 ft 5; the suit adds another inch so it must be quite intimidating.