Cool Riddler Costume

I made this costume for my youngest son (14 years) to wear to my eldest sons 18th birthday fancy dress party.

In order to get the tight fitting suit I brought a bright green catsuit from my local dance wear supplier (£16), I then needed to get the trademark Riddler question mark on it. To do this I just made a stencil of the shape I desired. In order to get the right image I then needed my son to wear the suit with a dinner placemat down the chest area so I had a flat surface to work with.

The over pants are a cheap pair from Primark(£1) and I covered them in green felt questions marks with bostick adhesive.

The face mask was made out of the left over green felt with an elastic backing to keep in place and his eyes have black eyeshadow on underneath the mask. The hair was sprayed with orange hairspray.

The total cost was no more than £22.

Coolest Homemade Costume Contest 2023

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