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Coolest Rein-Dog (Reindeer Dog) Costume

Our miniature pincher is the craziest dog ever, really! So we thought she should have a crazy costume too. She has always reminded us of a deer…her shape, her color, the way she prances when she walks. When making her Rein-Dog (Reindeer Dog) costume, we had to think of something she couldn’t easily get off.

A thick brown piece of elastic that matched her coat was just right. It was tight enough to stay and we could slip it right over her head. The “antlers” were cut out of off white felt with small tabs on the bottom so I could hand sew them to the elastic head band. The bells were for added humor…I found them in my son’s toys. They were given to us by “Santa” last year at a friends house. They fit perfectly around our dog’s tiny neck. She looked just like a mini reindeer, so when my husband saw her he sang; “all of the other reindeer, used to laugh and call her names, like POSER!”

We all had so much fun watching her run around in her reindeer costume!

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