Coolest Recycling Bin Costume

While helping to take out the recycling in September, my daughter started playing with some of the containers and the idea just came to me to make her a RECYCLING BIN! It was super easy, inexpensive, and…. of course it was a recycled and a recyclable costume all in one! What a great lesson for my kids.

We had the blue recycling bin already (available at most office supply stores) and cut the bottom out with a sharp single edge razor knife (use sand paper to smooth any rough edges).

Next, I made two shoulder straps with ribbon and looped them through 4 cut out slits in the top edge of the container (two in front and two in back).

Now the fun part: dig through your recyclables and use a hot-melt glue gun to attach items like newspapers, soda cans, dishwasher soap bottles, etc. We cut the bottom off an orange juice bottle with craft scissors to make a hat (an elastic chin strap glued to the bottle kept it in place). The “legs” were coffee cans that had the bottoms removed (with a can opener that doesn’t leave sharp edges).

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  1. This costume idea was great. My girl scout troop is taking your idea and making their own version.
    We will be marching in the Toms River,NJ Halloween parade. Thanks for the inspiration.


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