I have always loved Rainbow Brite. I grew up watching the cartoons and had all the toys! I finally grew my hair out long enough to wear it in a long pony tail and was excited to make my own Rainbow Brite Homemade Halloween Costume, since most of the “Rainbow Brite” costumes in the stores were a bit, well, revealing and unrealistic!

I found an awesome base dress and pulled out some winter boots for the base of the boots, and then went and got a bunch of brightly colored table cloths for the overalls, belt, boots and sleeves and some white felt. Then I cut out some stars for the hands and feet, dots for the dress and printed out a rainbow for the belt.

Lastly, I cut the ribbon for my hair and drew the star on my cheek with Halloween makeup and well, I am really happy with how it turned out! I hope you like it too.