The best part about this Rainbow Brite Homemade Halloween Costume is that it is warm for trick-or-treating and since procrastination is only done best at the last minute, I finished it in less than one week. Fortunately, fleece was on sale when I decided to make this costume and since it is freezing cold most of the time around Halloween, I figured it was an omen to use it.

I used an awesome plastic Rainbow Brite piggy bank as my pattern. The shoes are an old pair of platform flip flops (what a terrible idea, but they were only one dollar and I KNEW that I would use them ONE day – what a coincidence!)

The arm pieces are attached with eyelets and string so they can be removed. It just makes it a little less bulky and annoying. Especially if you’re in a crowded bar and it gets too warm.

I burnt myself with hot glue about five hundred times but in the end – I think it was definitely worth it.