Coolest Rainbow Brite Halloween Costume

Like every other girl growing up in the 1980’s, I was obsessed with the cartoon Rainbow Brite. For whatever reason, it is not something I grew out of. So when my friends and I decided to dress up as 80’s characters to go out for Halloween this year, I immediately knew what I wanted my costume to be.

At first I started to look online for a pre-made Rainbow Brite Halloween costume but was disappointed to see that the “StarBright” knock-off costume being sold was not very accurate. Any true fan knows Rainbow Brite didn’t carry a wand, didn’t wear high heels, and had a magical rainbow on her belt. Disappointed by my purchasing options, I decided to look into making my own costume.

Unable to find a pre-made blue dress, I went to a fabric store and purchased a dress pattern and the needed blue and white fabric. Because I have no sewing skills, I recruited my mom to do most of the complex assembly and left myself in charge of the accessories.

I created the suspenders and belt using red ribbon, craft foam, and puffy paint. The neck line was created using yellow ribbon and red star patches. The arm and leg bands were rainbow socks which I purchased and cut off the toes. The boots were something I already owned, but I added blue star patches to the sides to liven them up a little.

The costume was a huge success! And I even ran into three girls in the “StarBright” costumes while we were out, and they all admitting to liking my costume more. Also, I could tell we were not the only Rainbow Brite fans still out there because several strangers came up and asked if they could get a picture taken with me.