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Cool R2D2 Costume

I made this R2D2 costume so that my 6 year old son, who has cerebral palsy, would be the coolest kid in elementary school for the parade.

I am pretty sure it worked. It is made of foam board and paper mache, and fits over him in his dynamic stander. It is a “Must See”.

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13 thoughts on “Cool R2D2 Costume”

  1. I think this costume is just fantastic.

    I have never seen costumes on sale that are aimed at wheelchair users which I think is a great shame.

    Just because someone is disabled doesnt mean they can’t join in the fun.

    Love to see other costumes like this.

  2. This had certainly given me ideas for an adult version for my wheelchair. Well done and thank you.

    You must be fantastic parents.

  3. You’re such cool parents! This gives all sorts of ideas about costumes that would only work for the wheel chair. Costumes that would let them rocket or hover past the other kids & leave them staring! Tell your son he is the coolest kid ever!

  4. I work with people that are in wheelchairs, and this is def the coolest! Thank You for sending all the right messages not only to your son, but the public at large! BTW…. will u make my next costume? lol

  5. I’m a mom of a 12 year old CP/wheelchair bound boy…and as they get older, just must get more creative….you opened my mind to a few new ideas…I was being pretty stumped :)

  6. I met someone just today who has a 9 year old son in a wheel chair. We were talking about costumes. I hope I see her around soon so I can tell her about this idea. Simply brilliant and so cool.

  7. Great costume! my son is 6 and has CP, too. He walks with a walker and we always end up incorporating it into the costume, too. Last year he was Mater and his walker was the tow truck. Keep up the great creativity!

  8. How did you make this costume? I’m wanting to make this for my husband to wear to Comic Con. He has spina bifida. I think this would be a hit! Any instructions would be great!


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