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Coolest Purple People Eater Costume

My daughter came up with the idea of a Purple People Eater Costume. To make this costume I paper mached a punching ballon for the head, we used newspaper and painted it purple when it dried. I cut a hole in the center for the eye, hot glued a black piece of tulle on the inside. No-one could see in but my daughter could see out. I tried to use the flour and water mixture but found that the ballon deflated and the paper mache caved in. After doing some reserch online I found that liquid starch works well.

For the horn we used an old viking hat with removable horns that I found at a garage sale. The hair is cheerleading pom poms my kids got from homecoming. Cut the bottom out of an round laundry basket throw a purple adult shirt over it and you got a body. I then attached the head to the basket using zip ties. I also zip tied the wings to the back of the basket. For the feet we used crocs with purple socks over them and stuffed the toe area with poly fill. She won Most Original Costume at a campground we went to.

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