Coolest Purple Minion Costume for a Kid

When we saw Despicable Me 2, my 5 yr old son went crazy over the purple Minions! So no surprise he wanted to be one for Halloween. I have made costumes out of felt before, but I wanted it to have a little more stability. So I decided to use the padded material that you line the interior roof of a car with. I thought I could find it in purple…I couldn’t. So I just bought 2 yards of purple cotton fabric and I sprayed both with spray adhesive and stuck the purple fabric on to the car liner fabric.

I then measured how tall my son was and how far down his face was and the circumference of his face. I cut out two pieces that were the length and width I needed. They were basically big rectangles with one end rounded. I cut out the face section and also arm holes.  I then used black and white felt and created the “overalls” that the minion wore and the teeth…out comes my trusty hot glue gun. I just hot glued the felt on.

Then I used white fabric paint to add stitching detail to the overalls. Next I stitched the front and back pieces together. I purchased the Minion goggles from Toys R Us.  I lucked out and found a purple wig at Goodwill- score! I hand stitched it on top. Add black pants, long sleeve purple shirt (I had a sweatshirt  and hat for trick or treating), black gloves, and black shoes- and now we have a Purple Minion! We got tons of compliments, but my 5 yr old was quick to correct anyone who said he was a Minion…”I’m a PURPLE Minion”…he loved it!

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