Coolest Princess Peach and Mario Couple Costume

We decided to dress up as Princess Peach and Mario Couple Costume characters because my husband and I always joked that since he loved video games that I would think it would be sexy if he dressed up as Mario as opposed to a fireman. Being Mario he needed to have his lovely lady too!!! For Princess Peach I had to find a real princess dress — this was hard but I ended up buying a wedding dress sample for $40 and dying it pink in my tub.

I trimmed the bottom of the dress to create and sew some puff sleeves and then all I had to do is accessorize with a crown, gloves, blond wig and I even found a parasol that I kept from my dance costumes when I was young girl. My husband’s costume as Mario was easier and just took the time to find some overalls, a red shirt, a mustache, white gloves and the Mario hat. We got lots of great response from our costumes — our 11 year old son even dressed up as Luigi. At the Halloween party we went to we even got a prize for most original costume.