My daughter was 9 months pregnant and came up with this great idea for a costume for herself. We just bought some tight black pants, and a black shirt at the resale store for $2.00. She got the cat tail and ears a while back at the resale store as well for $1.00. I used paints that I had at the house that I use to paint arts and crafts with.

Cut a hole out of the shirt so her belly is exposed. Painted the fish tank and fish then the surrounding area I painted black so it would match the shirt and the fish would stand out.

Kerri wore this all night and entered a costume contest. Yep, she won 1st place with this costume and even made the local area newspapers, because they all thought it was too cute. She had the baby 1 week later. Can you guess what they dressed as for Halloween the next year? Yep Momma was the cat and baby was the fish. I am trying to send the pic of baby in her fish outfit. She is a big fishy now!!

Pregnancy Costume