Cool Popeye and Olive Oyl Halloween Costume

Both the Popeye and the Olive Oyl costumes are completely hand made. I found almost everything at Goodwill and Walmart.

Olive Oyl wore a red long sleeved t-shirt from Walmart and a long black skirt from Goodwill. I also just happened to find the perfect (and perfect fitting boots at Goodwill too!! Almost did a little dance right there in the isle when I found them!) For the yellow ribbon and white collar I used a glue gun. I had first used a thinner yellow ribbon and ended up getting another thicker more fabric-like ribbon and just glue gunned it over the original one. The white collar and sleeves are just felt that I cut out in the scalloped shape and glue gunned it on.

Popeye is wearing a dark blue polo shirt and lighter blue pants (Goodwill). I cut the collar out of the shirt and then just cut and glue gunned the red felt to the shirt to form the sailor collar. I then added the black ribbon on the collar. I added large yellow felt ‘buttons’ to the shirt also. The blue undershirt was a T-shirt from Goodwill. Boots were just ones from home. Corn cob pipe was from a smoke shop and sailor hat was from an Army/Navy surplus store here in town. We tried using nylons and pillow stuffing for the arms but just couldn’t get them to work so we ended up just using a black marker to draw on the tattoos.

After many hours of searching and many burned fingers later (hot glue is really very HOT when it gets on your fingers!!!), we were REALLY excited about our costumes! People recognized us everywhere we went! Unfortunately we did NOT win any of the prizes… I guess showing lots of leg and other stuff is more popular these days. But what was important was that we were proud of what we had made! One little girl even saw us and said ‘toot toot’…her mom said the Popeye cartoon was one of her favorites! Thought that was adorable!!

All in all for both costumes it cost us less than $50 total!

4 thoughts on “Cool Popeye and Olive Oyl Halloween Costume”

  1. I’ve seen a lot of Popeye and Olive Oyl costumes, and yours was one that made me stop and look.
    Way to go very nice love them you should of won!
    I am making our costumes like you Thank you great job…

  2. I’ve looked at so many Popeye and Olive Oyl Costumes and so far yours have been the best HOMEMADE Costumes I’ve seen! I’m also big on going to thrift stores for things and so I was glad to see you got a lot of your things from Goodwill :) I am also putting together a Popeye and Olive Oyl costume for my boyfriend and I and reading about how you put yours together has really helped me to find ways to put ours together :) So thank you very much. I was worried about having to sew things again this year and reading about how you glue gunned almost everything was a very helpful tip for me.

  3. I love the costumes! You did such a great job!!! I’ve been looking to make my husband and I costumes (I don’t like all the ones that they sell that look like they are more for hookers than anything! lol) and your costume is so cute! Thanks for the helpful info!

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