Coolest Popeye And Crew Costume

This Popeye and crew costume idea turned out to be really easy. We shopped around at thrift stores for most of the items, Olives’s dress, skirt, Popeye’s pants, shirt, and the rest of the crew’s items. All I had to purchase was the wig for Olive and the mask we used for facial hair for Bruno was cut from a scary face mask they sell at Walmart leaving only the mouth hair.

We also purchased the hats for Popeye and Bruno at a costume store along with Popeye’s pipe. The arms for Popeye and Bluto was sewn using beige felt like material from Walmart at 2.68 a yard and then stuffed with batting material, it only took a yard for that. That holds up much better than panty hose that we’ve seen others use.

We also bought one yard of red material from Walmart’s $1. discount material for the trim on Popeye and Bruno’s costumes along with Sweet-peas. Everything else we looked around our home for like the doll for Sweet Pea,old buttons etc.

Total cost was less than $50. for all of our costumes. Our special guys really liked these costumes.

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