This is my son Bryice. He is 2 years old. Each year I try to come up with a very original costume. This year we decided on a Box of Popcorn costume. I started early on the creation so I would have plenty of time to make it just right or pick a new idea. We are both very happy with the result.

Popcorn Box:
Cardboard Box
Solid Gift Wrap (inside out)
Red Market
Great Stuff( found @ any home improvement store)
white Computer Paper
Scissors or Utility Knife

Popcorn Hat:
Great Stuff
Computer Paper
Elastic Strap

Popcorn Trick Or Treat Basket:
Med Size Kitchen Bowl
Great Stuff
White Computer Paper


Popcorn Box
– Cover the box with the gift wrap. have the white side of the gift wrap facing out
-use your red market draw stripes on all 4 sides.
– cut arm holes and a head hole
– to make the popcorn-Crinkle white paper up in different shapes spray with Great Stuff let dry.
-Add dried popcorn to top of the box with dabs of great stuff

Popcorn Hat
– use 2 pages of white computer paper, Crinkle it up in a bowl shape. Spray Great Stuff on the rounded side. let dry.
– pope 2 holes threw the sides to attache the elastic strap

Popcorn Trick Or Treat Basket
– Use a Med. size Tupperware bowl cover with computer paper tape it down where needed. set bowl down upside down and spray with Great Stuff. let dry
– Remove tape on the inside of bowl and slide hardened mold from bowl.
– Poke holes threw 2 sides to attach the rope for a handle.