Creative Homemade Poison Ivy Costume

I had the same problem as another member on the site when trying to find a Poison Ivy costume to buy – they were terrible!! So I decided to make one myself.

I’m from the UK but as I couldn’t find the right ivy fabric over here, I found some on the internet and had it shipped over. I made the costume as a separate corset and skirt. I then sewed individual ivy leaves all around the bottom of the skirt, top of the corset and down the lace up part at the back of the corset. That was the easy bit!

I then made a cape out of green velvet – unfortunately, not in picture, and sewed red velour fabric around the edges and leaves all over – this kept me warm walking from pub to pub.

Looking for a wig on the internet didn’t go very well so instead I dyed my hair as red as it would go and bought matching hair extensions to give it the flowing locks look.

To get the leaf shapes along my eyebrows, I bought a moulding kit and created leaf shaped moulds to the shape required. I then used a mixture of gelatin and glycerin (bought from the local chemist) to create the rubber like face pieces. I then painted these with acrylic paint and attached them using denture fixative paste – nice!!

The arm pieces were simply a pair of green tights with sheering elastic sewn in to hold them up and more fake ivy leaves sewn on and on my legs just a normal pair of green tights with real ivy wrapped around my favourite boots. I finally finished up with putting more ivy in my hair and slapping on the warpaint.

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  1. i really like your idea! my best friend and i are going as Harley and Ivy for Halloween and a Trick or Treat thing.

    i was already planning on doing this myself but i was just wondering about how much did your ivy rendition cost? could you maybe breakdown the cost for me?

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