Cool Plex Costume

My 5 year old son wanted to be Yo Gabba Gabba’s Plex for Halloween this year. Okay, so we went looking for things that might work to make this Homemade Plex Costume. We came across the blue foam bed roll that people use for camping. Love this stuff so easy to work with, you can cut into any shape you desire. Slap some spray paint on it and call it a costume.

But if you do use it be sure to use a primer on it the paint sticks way better! Also use a hot Glue gun, glue all your pieces together first, once painted it is hard to get them to stick.

The costume was a big hit. When we took him out trick or treating people where taking pictures of him with their children.

Hope you enjoy this costume has much as we did. It’s going to be hard to top next year!

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