Coolest Playable Angry Birds Costume

My Hubby LOVES Angry Birds and wanted a Store bought costume, I said NO WAY! I got right on it! I came up with the idea for this Homemade Playable Angry Birds Costume because I wanted to show the whole game! I went to the craft store and got felt squares. Then headed over to the Dollar store and got the little colored lights. Then over to Uhaul for the cardboard box.

I had all of the pigs and birds made the first day. I used stuffing from an old pillow, my trusty sewing machine and some hot glue. I turned on the game as reference for the pattern to make the characters. The rest of the costume was made with materials I already had at home. Spray Paint, construction paper, hot glue, cotton balls, homemade sling shot, and time. We started on Tuesday and had it done on Saturday morning. It was so much fun to make! The King Pig face is made with an old headband and old safety glasses with felt glued on. I hope you like it too!

Homemade is the only way to go!!

Homemade Playable Angry Birds Costume

Homemade Playable Angry Birds Costume

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