Coolest Plastic Toy Soldiers Group Halloween Costume

Buy all the supplies, garbage bags, Dollar store old shirt, pants and boots fatigues if you can find them. Cut trash bags same shape as shirt and pants, spray, adhesive them to clothing. PVC pipe is most expensive piece, cut to what size you want. Buy green spray paint in the same green face paint to match.

After everything is done, spray paint everything, boots, pants, shirt, helmet and PVC pipe. Everything should look shiny like the small army men you used to play with as a kid. Everything is pretty easy to make and cut and glue paint it you can. Also do the tan guys. We had the parachute and the mine sweeper dude as well. We want to do the mortar guys but just did the easiest ones we could think of with the time we had to make them.

Hope you all like them and enjoy making them as we did.

buy all the supplies garvage bags dollar store old shirt pants and boots fatigues if u can find them cut trash bags same shape as shirt and pants spr