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Coolest Pirates Pierogies Costumes

My wife and I wanted to dress up in costumes that we’ve never seen before so we decided to be the Pittsburgh Pirates Pierogies. When most people think about the Pittsburgh Pirates mascot they immediately think Pirate Parrot, but there are four others who should receive recognition.

During the 6th inning intermission, four Pierogies race through the city of Pittsburgh and finish down the first base line in PNC Park. The four pierogies are Jalapeño Hanna, Cheese Chester, Sauerkraut Saul and Oliver Onion. We constructed these costumes by utilizing cardboard, fabric, stuffing and plenty of glue. We created small windows in our costumes so that we could eat, drink and talk without taking off our costumes. We incorporated Velcro so that we could open and close these windows at will.

As an entirety, these two costumes only cost us $50. These costumes were the hit of our party and we’re confident that they can be the hit at yours.

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  1. Hi Guys! Amazing work on the perogie costumes! I have a little girl’s birthday party coming up – all pirates theme (7th inning stretch, perogie races for the kids, ballpark food, etc.) and she wants more than anything for Hanna to show up! Is there any way I can rent or borrow your costume for a day?


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