Coolest Peter Pan Group Costume

For Halloween 2011, we did a Peter Pan theme. We were Peter Pan, Captain Hook, Mr. Smee, Lost Boy Skunk, Chief Eagle Feather and Wendy. We also made a row boat to cart around the boys, our stuffed Tick Tock Croc, and our “treasure.”

I made the costumes and my husband created the boat. He used our garden cart and shaped wooden planks around the edges. He secured them with screws and bolts and I painted “S.S. Bucky” on the sides, since that’s the name of Jake & The Never Land Pirates’ boat. We hung a Jolly Roger flag on the end and had our treasure chest full of goodies on the front. We also hung light-up skull & crossbones on all four edges (safety first!).

The oars were made from wooden dowel rods and cardboard. We blasted Peter Pan music from our iPod and speakers, cleverly hidden under the treasure chest.

We had such a great time. A lot of people we saw stopped us to take pictures. It was so much fun!