Coolest Pee Wee Herman Halloween Costume

I’ve wanted to do this Pee Wee Halloween costume for a few years now, but due to laziness I never went through with it. Last year I ended up doing nothing, but taking pictures. This year I finally wanted to do this. So I knew what I wanted, but figured someone has already done this and researched it on the internet. This lead me to your site and I printed out the how-to on this costume. It took me about two weeks to but only three days of searching to find everything.

1. I figured the most important thing was the suit. I checked the Goodwill stores in the area trying to find the lightest grey suit I could find. I knew this would be the hardest part. I found the suit and it cost me $13.

2. I had someone hem up the pants to keep that nice flood look while standing.

3. Next I started to get the smaller pieces. Bright red lipstick($1), powder and rouge free from some female friends.

4. I picked up some black hair dye($3). I was going all out for this one.

5. I went to the nearest tuxedo shop and picked up a red bow tie($8). Lucky for me when I was talking to the owner of the shop he happen to have a white pair of shoes that he no longer used and they were my size. Shoes($10)

6. Everything was collected and I was go for peewee. Dyed my hair the day before and the suit came back ready to go.

7. I had some lady friends help me with the make-up. I just couldn’t do the lipstick and rouge alone.

So Halloween night the costume was a huge success. Nothing but compliments all night and people that just wanted to take a picture with me. I didn’t win the costume contests that night, but had a great time. Saturday, I did it all again. Same response, but I won the most original costume category of the contest. I would say this was the best Halloween I have ever had.

The second night when I was at the bar before going to the party I got a Sharpie marker and some receipt paper and wrote down a word of the day. This was a huge success. Throughout the night I would be walking along and someone would say the word and a group of people would all — scream real loud. It was so simple and a huge success. This was a club filled with sexy everything costumes so the word had to do with the female anatomy.

Break down:
Suit $13
Lipstick $1
Hair dye $3
Bow-tie $8
Shoes $10
Total spent $35

Best Halloween ever, priceless!

Winning the costume contest – $100

Total earned $65 – now that’s a great costume

Coolest Homemade Costume Contest 2023

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