This year our department opted to go with the Peanuts Halloween costume. We started with the ideas on this site to create large heads out of paper mache. We followed simple paper mache directions using 3-4 coats of paper mache letting each layer dry completely in between.

Each head was created using flesh spray paint, felt, pipe cleaners or yarn for the hair, felt for the mouth and foam balls for the ears and nose. For the eyes we hot glued a couple of layers of black mesh so people couldn’t see inside the eyes. We weren’t really sure on how to get this project to work perfectly so we played around with the materials we had and it worked out well.

For Snoopy we duct taped a 2 liter pop bottle and covered it with white felt. For Woodstock we stuffed the front nose with batting to make it thicker.

This is a very easy yet time consuming project that took a few weeks to have all completed.